Maxxis Campione Tires - Tubular

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Product Description

  • 3C Triple Compound Technology
  • K2 Puncture Protection
  • High-TPI casing designed for racing and competition

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97(?) Bianchi Campione D'Italia- good deal? guesses on weight?

Looking at this on ebay. Don't know much about Bianchi. Anyone venture a guess on the weight? Could this be a sub-20 pound bike with some modern components? Should I keep shopping?Read More »

'84 Performance Campione

I haven't been on RBR in a long while, so I thought I'd make a post. I found this bike abandoned at my daughter’s soccer field about a year ago. Noticed the lugs as I walked by, and then checked it out again as I left. Flat tires, no saddle, inner tubes for grips, mountainbike 'upright' quill st ... Read More »

Campione Del Mondo

Saw this beaut on [URL=""]ebay[/URL]. Have any of you fellow Celeste connoisseurs had the opportunity to ride this steed? [ATTACH=CONFIG]29366 ... Read More »

Via Nirone 7 2300 vs. Campione

Hello, Fairly new to the bike scene. Picked up a campione off of CL that was a bit too small for me. Love the bike. Dont know how to use downtube shifters but Im sure I can pick up on that.. I want the bike for exercise, hitting bike paths and generally going fast. My price range is ~$800 and ... Read More »

what would you upgrade on a 1997 Bianchi campione

Waiting on my bike so just wondering what yall think for making it light and/or better. I know it is a steel bike but I was more worried about comfort and durability. I love tinkering with things and always feel you can make something better but totaly new to cycling just wondering what yoi would ... Read More »

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