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Race Tubular is the pinnacle of Japanese racing tubular tire technology. Each tubular is handmade in our own factory and carefully quality controlled for superior consistency. All-purpose, all condition ZSG Dual compound and PT Technology is mated to our R'Air inner tube for the finest performing tubular that offers up the most confident of rides in every condition.

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The Day Mommy Almost Won A Bike Race

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Great running race video , a 50k off-road race

This is just a well done video on a great subject. I like how the guy takes a few minutes at each waterfall to enjoy the moment . [url][/url]Read More »

Well...the Vuelta is looking like it is going to be a pretty good race!

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I want to train for a bike race. Any suggestions?

I want to train for a 32 mile bicycle race. I figured that following a plan will help me get in shape faster. I own a mountain bike, but I will buy a road bike once I feel that I am seriously into this. Does anybody know any specific program I can follow. I am a beginner [IMG]http://dailydigitald ... Read More »

Real Food Adivce for a Criterium Race [LOL's in the other thread]

Preface for those who don't know me, PhD. nutrition, specializing in sports nutrition. Success in a crit will be first and foremost about overall fitness, FTP, and ability to match accelerations. As well as skill set to maintain comfort and contact with the group. Fuel intake DURING a criteri ... Read More »

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