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Race C tubulars are the newest Panaracer tubular tire technology. Completely handmade in the Panaracer factory and carefully quality controlled for superior consistency. Well wearing, all condition ZSG Dual compound and PT Technology is mated to our R'Air inner tube for the finest performing tubular that offers up the most confident of rides in every condition.

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C'mon Bradley, it's a race not a lounge act

What does Wiggins have to lose by being more aggressive. He's got almost two miutes on Evans, and he'll even add more time in the last TT. Even if he drags Evans along he'll be doing the jersey proud. If Wiggins just sits-in and doesn't assert himself in anything but the TT, yes he'll be a tour w ... Read More »

C.Evans - A good reason why you shouldnt race with a PM, or just a crap racer?

Watching him during the Dauphine (or should that be deadpan?) it seems like he spends his time watching his watts or speed, or dare I say it his Hr :eek: :D he seems less worried about whether he can 'go any harder' than asking the PT if he can when he looks as it during the finish of mountain sta ... Read More »

F race (not A, B nor C).

Just to throw this out there, glad it doesn't happen often: Fortunately for me my getting sick last Saturday evening (the start of tiredness of viral g.i./diarhea for the next 2.5 days or so and 10 pound wt. loss (still peeing clear the entire time ??)) came after the race that day and falls during ... Read More »

O.U.C.H. race report..Long post about a NW.. HC/TT

Sunday was the first event of one of the northwest's hillclimb series, the Oregon Uphill CHampionships. Two events of the 3 in this series are held on Larch Mountain's 3816' climb, covering 16.53 miles. The final, a more traditional short steep hillclimb, is on Mt. Hood near Timberline Lodge. ... Read More »

6/4/05 - C.A.C. Race & Tour - Lubbock TX

There's a group called Child Adovacy Center who's putting together a ride and race. For roadies, there's a 24 & 51 mile route. For mtb's, there's a 10 hour Endurance Race. It sounds pretty neat for this area, since there's hardly anything in the way of organized rides. [url]http://www.cacofsp ... Read More »





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