Schwalbe Montello Tires - Tubular

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Schwalbe's Montello Tubular boasts the fine ride of a tubular at a nice price. It's a vulcanized tire with a Silica tread compound that's great for...

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Pinarello Montello

Here is my finished Pinarello Montello, together with my friend's Kingfisher blue restoration.Read More »

1990 Pinarello Montello

I happened to find some photos of my 1990 Pinarello Montello. This was my first exotic pro level racing bike which I saved up and bought myself at 17 years old. I was totally hooked on bike racing and bikes by then and had been inspired by watching Pedro Delgado and his red and while Montello in the ... Read More »

pina montello 1986

ojee, unfortunate my merckx mx-leader is broken. so, my pina got all my dedication after 2 years getting the components together, it had shimano 600. it's full campa c-record now and it has my preferred mavic ssc grise/paris roubaix. 3ttt stem and steer. perhaps i should give it a turbo spec ... Read More »

Montello score, question about model year.

Bought this Montello frame from a friend. I've searched the web but can't find a single picture of a Montello with a chromed seatstay lug. Its definitely a Montello because its an SLX frame and you can see the remnants of the Montello sticker on the top tube. It has a head tube decal instead of ... Read More »

Pinarello Montello Value

Can anyone here help me with an estimate as to what the value of this bike might be? It was picked out of a garbage pile years ago, it's been sitting in a garage since then and recently I've decided to sell it and use the funds to buy another bike more my style. It's a 56CM Pinarello Montello, I thi ... Read More »

Read More »



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