Tufo Cubus Tires - Tubular

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Product Description

New universal model suitable for most conditions including the most difficult cyclocross terrain. Aggresive tread pattern provides excellent traction and steady cornering in almost every condition. In spite of the aggresive tread pattern, this model has very low rolling resistance and can be also used in dry conditions and hard pack.

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how much better are the Cubus Flexus than the normal Flexus?

Woops. Cubus Flexus vs. normal Cubus. Double the price, double the performance? Please advise.Read More »

tufo flexus cubus for bend?

anyone racing on these in mud, snow, or icy conditions? thoughts vs. rhinos?Read More »

tufo cubus

Has anyone tried this new tubular yet? I am considering buying my first set of tubulars for pacific northwest conditions & am torn between using theses Fangos or Grifos or tubular Racing Ralph. I am looking for the best all around solution for normally wet conditions. The other option I am consid ... Read More »

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