Tufo Elite Ride Tires - Tubular

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Tufo Elite Ride Tubular 700c Tire: Tire provides comfortable, smooth and fast ride with minimum vibrations in the most demanding road cycling conditions. Special system of grooves in center and double diamond tread pattern on shoulder

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New Ride(s)! Tarmac SL4 Pro + Dolce Elite

Well, after 8+ years of riding the same Allez Comp Double, it was time for an upgrade. I really had my eye on a Roubaix, but as we all know, you have to ride different bikes to find one that fits your preferences. The family and I were out shopping last weekend for something that might fit our 1 ... Read More »

First ride on new Allez Elite

So picked up a '10 Allez Elite yesterday, today went out for my first road cycle in many years - did an slow (13 mph/avg i think) 22 mile ride on very flat roads. beautiful spring day, flowers out, bikers out... i am really amazed by the smoothness of the ride - of course i'm coming from riding a ... Read More »

Armadillo Elite ride quality

Hello, I'm considering purchasing the Armadillo Elite's for my roadie that I'll be taking abroad for a month. I currently have the heavier Armadillos which ride like wood and weighs as much as lead but has great flat protection. Does the Elite ride any better (and how much does it weigh)? Thanks ... Read More »

Smoothest ride: Kryserium Elite, Rolf Sestriere, or Campy Neutron?

I just switched my 45 year old wife from her mountain bike to a road bike. She loves the agility and quickness, but feels every pebble. We have 3 road bikes with Campy 10s stuff, so I can choose from 3 wheelsets for her: Kryserium Elite, Rolf Sestriere, or Campy Neutron. I don't have calibrated ... Read More »

Ride Report - FSA Carbon Pro Elite Compact

I went out last night on my maiden voyage with my new FSA Carbon Pro Elite Compact crank installed...one word...WOW!! I accept that the "new" factor may have been kicking in, but as I road my usual evening training course I began to notice how I really wasn't feeling tired...my legs felt fresh. At ... Read More »

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