Tufo Tubular Gluing Tape Tires - Tubular

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For 2011 Tufo is offering a slightly revised version of their venerable tape.

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Tubular tape or gluing them down??

I'm about to glue down a new set of tubulars, they're stretching out right now. I was wondering how people have faired with tubular tapes vs. the traditional gluing them down. Pros/Cons and horror stories would be appreciated.Read More »

tubular gluing tape

Anyone used this stuff? Tufo activated tubular tire gluing tape. The directions say it only works with Tufo tires. I heard it does not work well with Continental tubulars. Has anyone tried Vittoria or Vredestein tubulars with this stuff?Read More »

tubular gluing tape

Anyone know how to get ahold of some tubuluar gluing tape? The cyclocrossworld.com website always seems to be out of stock. Any other suppliers? Is the Tufo stuff the same thing? Thanks in advance.Read More »

tubular gluing success and Tufo Tape Question

I finished the gluing of my front tire, and it seemed to work well. However, I would like to experiment with the Tufo tape (extreme or regular) on the rear tire. Anybody have a good procedure for using the tape, or do I just follow the directions? Any opinions on how well the tape works for cross ... Read More »

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