Vittoria Corsa Elite Tires - Tubular

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Anyone have experience with the Vittoria Corsa Elite tubular?

I'm thinking of going with this tire for my tubular setup. I don't race, and would like a compromise of being supple while having some puncture resistance. It's just a about $20 than the Corsa CX's and I hear that the CX's do not have the puncture resistance that I might need for the roads I rode ... Read More »

The GT Corsa 1.0 vs. The Specialized Tricross Elite Steel Disc Triple vs. Value

I was perusing a few bicycle websites the other day when I came across these two road bikes. Other than disc brakes being featured on the Tricross Elite, I think that the Corsa 1.0 is a much better value, considering cost. What do you think? [ATTACH=CONFIG]279556[/ATTACH] [I][B]GT Corsa 1.0 - $110 ... Read More »

Second Hand Avanti Corsa Elite 06

Hi Everyone First post from a mountain biker looking to get into road cycling. I'm looking for some advice on a road bike purchase. My LBS has an Avanti Corsa Elite 06 model that one of the mechanics has been using for the last 12 months. He says he has done about 600k's. The bike retailed for ... Read More »

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