Vittoria Corsa SL Tires - Tubular

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Merckx Corsa SL restoration

My first vintage project is underway. Going for Motorola livery. [ATTACH]300077[/ATTACH][ATTACH]300078[/ATTACH]Read More »

Ultegra WH-6700 or VUELTA CORSA SL

ULTEGRA WH-6700 or VUELTA CORSA SUPER LITE wheels...going on an older Trek 700. I seem to like both of these wheelsets from what I have read. Prices are pretty close too if you shop around. Whats the hives opinion?Read More »

SRAM S30 Sprint vs. HED Bastogne vs Vuelta Corsa SL

Hey I am in the market to replace my Bontrager SSR wheels that came stock on my bike and wanted to get the forums opinion on these wheel options. My budget is around $350-$500 and hope that whatever I buy is lighter and faster than the SSRs. I did some research and I am considering the following 3 ... Read More »

ROL SL vs. Vuelta Corsa SL

Anybody have any experience with the Rol sl or Vuelta Corsa super lites wheels? Which do you prefer and why? Vuelta ~ $400 Rol ~ $625 Thanks, MikeRead More »

Vuelta Corsa Superlight vs Zonda vs EA90 SL

Looking for some riders to drop some knowledge on me. I am looking for a training wheel in the 1500 g range that will not break my budget. The Vuelta corsa superlights have been getting great reviews lately and I found them for $350. The Zonda and EA90 SLs are also nice clinchers. I found the Zo ... Read More »

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