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Take the tubular plunge without resorting to messy glues or expensive wheels with the Vittoria Cross XG TNT Tire. Similar to the ease of a UST system found on mountain bike tires, the Cross XG TNT features Vittoria's all new TNT (Tube No Tube) technology, allowing you to mount the tire to any tubeless-ready wheelset with just a little liquid latex (like that of Vittoria Pit Stop). Or, if you're not ready to take the tubeless plunge, run it on regular rims with a standard tube. The advantages are the same as a UST tire system?it runs lighter and faster, with greater puncture resistance. But more importantly, TNT allows for greater stability at lower inflation pressures, giving you the versatility to tailor your ride to whatever the course or the weather might throw at you.All-around lug pattern optimized for both wet and dry courses150 TPI casing gives a stable and supple ride quality

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Vittoria Cross Evo XG = poor traction, is it just me?

I'm in my second season. Last year I raced with Panaracer Cinder X Clinchers (block pattern). They seemed fine, but you guys all convinced me that tubulars are the way to go. This year I've raced on Vittoria Cross Evo XGs (220 tpi). I run 25/30 psi and they seem to roll very well, don't flat, ... Read More »

Vittoria EVO Cross XG - experiences?

I've searched and found lots of mentions of this tubular but little in the way of actual experience. Does anyone have some miles on these? I wonder how they stack on in the suppleness department and in the mud. Are they pretty grippy? They certainly seem much lighter than the real-world weight of th ... Read More »

Vittoria Cross Evo XG

My bike came stock w/Nokian Ravagozzi Cross, 700x35C. They're decent kevlar beaded tires, but I think they're on the heavier side, especially considering their size. I raced them a few times but now only use them for training and pit/backup tires/wheels. I then purchased a set of 32mm Vittoria Cr ... Read More »

Vittoria Cross EVO XG Clinchers

any one out there using these. what are your impressons? Likes, dislikes and other observations would be helpful. If you've used the Vittorias and Tufos (the true tubulars) how would you compare them?Read More »

Vittoria Cross Evo XG

Anyone use them? Are they any good? The silver tread looks sweet. John [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

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