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American Classic TCX Wheelset

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Garmin 810 tcx file --cues

Bought a Garmin 810 and was particulary interested in using the TCX file format which I understand provides a sort of cue sheet option wen doing a new route. Noticed on my ride yesterday that cues weren't getting displayed and after googling found some forums from last year that Garmin removed the ... Read More »

gpx vs tcx for garmin 810

Which format is better for following new routes?Read More »

TCX file help

Anyone know anything about working with TCX files? I did an interval session the other day and I'm having trouble with it loading to Strava. The data displays fine on my Garmin 510, and in Garmin Connect, but not in Strava. The ride was 1:40:02 long and 27 miles. However Strava only shows a time ... Read More »

2014 TCX advanced 1 weight?

I everyone, i'm new to this forum (sorry for my weird english, i'm from Quebec city). I searching for the 2014 TCX advanced 1 ''real weight'' on the net. All the review just mention the frame weight. And also, what do you think about making road race with that bike? I think the new disc brake gonna ... Read More »

2013 Giant TCX 0 - Anyone have any feedback?

I'm considering purchasing a 2013 Giant TCX 0, but I can't find any reviews of the bike. I'm a cat 1 mountain bike racer and thinking about giving some CX racing a go this season. [url=]TCX 0 (2013) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United ... Read More »

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