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YPEA proven product in the AC line, the deep section Victory 30 wheels allow every rider to have the opportunity to ride American Classic. They are an ideal balance between strength, weight, and performance. Aerodynamic features include the 30mm deep rim, bladed spokes and low spoke count. A very good choice for large riders. Machined braking surface with no hidden nipples or unusual spokes. Reliable, fast and smooth. Newly improved sturdier hubs and bearings for increased durability.

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American Classic Victory 30

I was finally able to upgrade my wheelset this week. I knew it would make a difference but I had no idea that it would make this much of one. I had Mavic CXP 22 that came stock on the bike, we put it on scale prior to changing anything and it weighed 22.1 lbs, swapped the wheelset and weighed again ... Read More »

Just received my AC Victory 30 wheels and...

I have a slight problem that requires help...posted in the wrong forum. follow the link, please...Thank you. [url][/url]Read More »

American Classic Victory 30 Wheels

I can't find a review. Has anyone seen a review or ridden these wheels?Read More »





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