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I keep busting wheelsets. rant.

I've been riding bikes since way back in the 1980's and let me say that I am so tired of buying wheelsets. I weigh in at 210 lbs and use my carbon fiber bicycle for club riding, some sprinting, climbing, and fun rides. I've gone through Neuvation M28's (the rear wheel tacoed on me while riding 16m ... Read More »

Roval slx 23 wheelsets

Will a shimano 105 cassette fit on a roval slx 23 wheelset? The cassette I have on it now is a 105 but the gear plates have movement and the gear indexing is off.Read More »

Battle of the uber cheap wheelsets

Browsing velo-mine looking at SS wheelsets. Weinnman DP18 / 36-3cross / DT spokes / Formula hubs / $109 Sun CR18 / 36-3cross / Formula hubs / $115 Alex DA16 / 32-3cross / Sapim Stainless spokes / Sapim brass nipples / no-name hubs / $79 Is there anything that makes any of the choices better in ter ... Read More »

Need a two new wheelsets, looking for durable suggestions

I am riding a 2005 Trek Madone and this weekend my bontrager wheelset was damaged. I am looking for two new wheelsets, an everyday set and a set for when I start competing in races next season. Some suggestions I've been give are below. Also of note is that I weigh 225 lbs. Everyday whee ... Read More »

Compare Neuvation R28 SLW to Shimano RS80 wheelsets.

I just read good reviews about the Neuvation wide R20 weels and I was very much made up to buy the Shimano RS80 wheels. Has anybody here compared the 2? I am 5.9 about 175 Lb.Read More »

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