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Campagnolo Campy Zonda 2-Way Rear Black Wheel

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Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Patrick

Date Reviewed: September 9, 2015

Strengths:    Stiff and nice to use with tubeless

Weaknesses:    Bad sealed hubs

Bottom Line:   
I use these wheels as my everyday wheels. I actually did ride them several times per week during the autumn and early spring (as long as there were no snow) and didn't get one puncture! I love tubeless! The ride is nice but maybe a little hard when using high pressure in the rings.
After using them for 10 months the bearings inside the back wheel gave up. Water had entered the bearings and Campa didn't accept it as a claim. I opened the front wheel bearings and also they were slightly damaged by rust. Exchanged the balls to ceramic ones so now the front wheel should stay good anyway. Still waits for the back wheel bearings to fail again. They really should put some more efforts to water protect the bearings on these ones but I guess that will cost them a cent more. I read a lot of people who love the Campa bearing solution and I guess they live somewhere where it doesn't rain much.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Andrew McLaren a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: May 13, 2012

Strengths:    Solidly built, steel spokes (these add to ride comfort over alloy spokes), lighter than previous versions of the Zonda wheelset, very good price/performance ratio. Ride quality with tubeless is exceptional. Stiff, good braking performance, apparently keep the spoke tension better than the 2007-2010 model (they've upgraded the nipple design according to Campy).

Weaknesses:    Tubeless tires are difficult to mount, although the tight bead makes for excellent air retention. Needed more than hand force to push over the rim, highly recommend using a VAR 425 "wishbone" tire lever which helps a lot.

Bottom Line:   
I've put about 100km onto these with Hutchinson tubeless tires (Intensive on the rear, Fusion 3 on the front), and the ride quality is an enormous improvement vs. the 2005 Zondas I have used for the past few years. Winding descents are much less skittish than with 120 psi clincher/tubes, I am running ~95 psi and these new wheels are faster as well as more comfortable to ride. Climbing is somewhat better, although these are not truly lightweight wheels (still, at 1580 gms stated weight, they're not really boat anchors either). Rough pavement--plenty of that where I'm from--is less jarring, with less rolling resistance. A bit less affected by sidewinds than the previous slightly deeper Zondas as well.

That said, installing the tires was quite the challenge, and this alone knocks down the overall rating a bit. There are several online videos which demonstrate the technique, and massaging the tire into the central rim bed, starting opposite the valve etc is all correct advice; but, the tires were still a very, very tight fit, more so than any clincher tire I ever mounted. What I DID find helped a lot is the VAR #425 "wishbone" tire lever, which hooks onto the opposite side of the rim and under the tire bead to pull it up. This is a very useful tool to have, for anybody wanting to go tubeless, and I can't recommend it enough--it made all the difference for me (I am not particularly weak-handed either).

It may well be that manufacturing variability and fate stuck me with marginally smaller tire bead diameters, and it's also true that there is as yet not much selection for tubeless road tires. There again they will stretch somewhat now having been mounted and inflated.

Bottom line however, the ride quality is almost up there with tubulars, so far as comfort and leaning into fast turns is comparable. Weightwise not so much. I've still got a pair of 175 gm Continental track tubs in the basement and that is pretty much the Valhalla of road rubber (until you flat one!).

Sticking to the wheels themselves, they are stiff, braking is smooth and predictable, and overall another excellent example of Campy's "trickle down" design philosophy borrowing features from the higher end Shamal and Eurus wheels. As I see it, the slight weight penalty compared to Eurus and Shamal is partly due to having steel rather than alloy spokes, but steel also has greater elasticity, yielding a slightly more comfortable ride.

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Favorite Ride:   Peggy's Cove loop, Halifax NS

Price Paid:    $475.00

Purchased At:   Shiny Bikes, Wales

Similar Products Used:   Campagnolo Zonda 2005 (heavier by about 200 grams), many handbuilt (by me) wheels with clincher and tubular rims, Mavic Cosmic Pro (the original 1995 model), Zipp 340 (also 1990s), Mavic Ellipse (fixed gear aero wheels), 1980s Roval wheels (waaay ahead of their time).

Bike Setup:   EPX 303 Carbon frame, Campagnolo Athena/Chorus 11 speed mix, Turbomatic Ti saddle, one-piece carbon bar/stem (Trigon), still riding those old Look pedals.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Kristatos a Road Racer

Date Reviewed: May 11, 2012

Strengths:    Durable construction: I've run these on dirt and gravel roads as well as commuting on crummy city roads, detours off-road where bike paths washed out, etc. These wheels have held up and haven't flatted over a couple thousand miles of use.

Fast: I've run these in group rides and races with good results and that's even with the Hutchinson Fusion 3 which is not the lightest tubeless tire available. The wheels are a little heavier than my 'climbing wheels' but in a 120 mile ride with 12,000' of vertical recently I didn't notice the extra hundred or so grams as the ability to run them at lower pressure made a big difference over the course of a 6+ hour ride.

Grip: At 90 psi these things corner like they're on rails. Cornering on rough pavement is also much more confident as the tires don't seem to deflect and bounce as much over uneven surfaces.

Tubeless: I set them up tubeless from the get-go and couldn't be happier. I have some sealant in them and they don't lose any noticeable amount of air during a ride. What is noticeable is the ride quality - they roll much better than any standard clincher I've ever had. It shouldn't be a surprise since switching to tubeless made a big difference on my mountain bike but it's nice to know tubeless has a place on the road as well.

Braking: Nice aluminum brake track doesn't seem to contribute to any fading during long descents

Tire mounting: Nice channel down middle of UST rim makes for relatively easy install/removal of tire and doesn't require rim tape

Weaknesses:    Minor niggle but the hubs do tend to work slightly loose - fortunately this is easily adjusted with a small allen bolt on the collar on one side of the hub - just loosen the bolt and tighten the collar, then the bolt to remove play. I've had to do this twice in the first couple thousand miles but they seem to be run in now without further adjustments being required.

Bottom Line:   
If you are curious about tubeless wheels, have a tubeless setup already (on an MTB for instance) and run a Campy gruppo then these wheels are a no-brainer if you need a new set of all-purpose hoops. If you're looking for more a dedicated race setup I'd probably step up to the Shamal 2-way. The Eurus is basically the in-between set with some of the bells and whistles of the Shamal. All three represent a great value and knowing Campy wheels should last many thousands of miles.

Not a Campy gal/guy? The Fulcrum 2-way fit wheels are roughly the same wheel with a Shimano/SRAM cassette body.

Haven't tried tubeless yet? You can run any 2-way fit wheel with tubes while you acquire any accessories you need to make setting up tubeless tires a snap, such as a small air compressor for seating the beads, and some sealant. However, I'd highly recommend running these tubeless - the ride quality at lower pressures without having to worry about pinch flats is awesome.

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Favorite Ride:   Lake Tahoe clockwise

Price Paid:    $650.00

Purchased At:   LBS

Similar Products Used:   Clinchers: DT Swiss RR1.1, Mavic Open CD, Ksyrium SL, HED Ardennes LT, AMClassic Sprint 350, Aero 420
Tubeless: Mavic CS29MAX 29er MTB wheels (on a mtn bike)

Bike Setup:   Ridley Damocles w/Record 11

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by redvespablur a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: April 17, 2012

Strengths:    Very stiff. Look Great. Comfortable ride.

Weaknesses:    Fitting tires is a bit of a chore - tubeless makes this not often performed chore.

expense of tubeless tires

Bottom Line:   
I have two sets and paid under 500 for each. I am a Clyde ~250 and 6'4' and these are bullet proof. Stiffand light for the price. Love the tubeless. Run with sealant and always get home and no more pinch flats - for a clyde this is a big deal. I have a 2007 set of clinchers bought used that are also battle tank tough.

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Favorite Ride:   Waterfront

Purchased At:   eBay

Similar Products Used:   Mavic Open Pro 32 and 36 spoke setups
Zonda clinchers

Bike Setup:   Argon 18 Galium Chorus 11
Marinoni Sportivo Veloce 10

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