Cane Creek Tubular wheelsets - clincher

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The luxury of riding tubular tires gets even better with the Crono Racing Tubular wheels. The silver deep-section rim is very light and strong. Allowing as few as 16 spokes with no problem. Two diameters, three kinds of spokes -- in any combination, the Racing Tubular is one fast pair of wheels.

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Another Tubular Gluing Question

My rear wheel which I removed a tubular tire, left a thin film like layer of the base tape. I wanted to know if this had to be cleaned off with the old glue or I could just glue over this and install the new tire. I have pictures of the wheel below. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]301137[/ATTACH][AT ... Read More »

If you could only have one tubular glued up for a full season racing...

I know that I have seen these discussions online before, but I am having trouble finding them or a summary of the results. The backstory to why I am asking: I only have one set of tubular wheels and I have Vittoria Cross Evo glued up. (These are the standard Griffo tread pattern). I raced in t ... Read More »

Tubular 23 or 25 rim for 25 tires?

I'm looking at getting a set of carbon tubular wheels that I will be using 25mm tires on. The ones I am looking at (Yoeleo) come in a U profile (don't know if that makes a difference) in either 23 or 25 mm widths. Is there a reason to get one or the other? I've seen a bunch of discussions on clin ... Read More »

Want to trade - my Challenge Grifo tubular tires for Clement PDX tubular tires

I would like to trade my pair of Challenge Grifo tubular tires for a pair of Clement PDX tubular tires. Mine are in great shape, used for races one season - with great tread and no punctures. I am looking for mud specific tires that are in similar condition.Read More »

Stretching a tubular tire before installing it

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a tubular wheelset. It's actually for cyclocross racing, but my question is about tire fit. Many experts recommend stretching the tires first by installing them on the rims without glue for a day or two. The tires arrived, but the wheels aren't here yet ... Read More »

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