Corima Aero+ wheelsets - clincher

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The Corima Aero 700c Clincher Wheelset is a carbon wheelset of the ultimate caliber and technology. If you are looking for aerodynamics, the ability to climb, and the silky smooth feel of tubeless, this is the wheelset for your dream bike.

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Aero or light wheelset for dry/grass/hard pack CX racing

Hello fellow members, Quick question here, didn't find my answer within the forums. Currently looking to purchase or build a racing wheel set for the remaining CX season. Racing in SoCal so our CX courses aren't very wet at all. Most are dry, hard pack, lots of grass, little sand I want to ... Read More »

Dengfu aero frame

Morning all, I am seeking info on Dengfu aero frame FM206. I have previously purchased from yoeleo but they don't provide a aero model like Dengfu. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#ffffff][B]Regards. [/B][/COLOR][/FONT] scott.Read More »

To add aero bars or not?

So i know i just got my bike, this week. I have standard drop bar. I want to add the aero extension bars, but are these overkill for somoeone who will be riding the bike outside saturday and sunday. I also do the stationary bike 60 mins (tues, weds, thurs). I am sort like ricky bobby, i just wan ... Read More »

TT/Aero/U-Brake vs standard side-pull brake for road bike

Brakes such as the [URL=""]TRP T925[/URL] or [URL=""]Campagnolo TT brakes[/URL] can be mounted the same way as regular side-pull brakes. If they are more ae ... Read More »

Aero wheels and climbing time trial

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I have what may or may not be a dumb question. I have entered a time trial that takes place this Saturday. It is 6.6 miles and 2600' of elevation gain. Straight up. My wife has a pair of aero wheels that she has offered to let me use for the event. These whe ... Read More »

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