Corima Up S wheelsets - clincher

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The Corima Up

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What's up with Mike's Bikes?

I check the Mike's Bikes website from time to time to see all the Spesh bikes I can't afford. Last week all the prices jumped back up to msrp, even on 3 year old bikes. Today I looked and all the Spesh bikes have lower prices than msrp but even the 2015 models are marked as closeouts. Anyone have a ... Read More »

2015's up on Bianchi USA site

Looks like sempre pro only available as frame Bianchiusa.comRead More »

What's up with Price Point Customer Service....?

Hey guys, I'm an newbie to road biking and to this site and just wanted to pass along a very poor customer experience I had with Price Point. They are over the top about their "Pledge" to their customers and a guarantee of same day shipping for all orders placed before 3:00pm. I placed my order ... Read More »

What's up with bikes from Ribble?

I get a lot of my parts from them and you can't beat the pricing. I have priced out a few bikes and you can get a really well equipped carbon machine for a killer price. What's the real deal with them though? Are they that good or are they junk? Very curious. BrandonRead More »

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