CycleOps PowerTap G3/Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon wheelsets - tubular

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You just can't beat the performance of a tubular wheelset. The Cycle Ops PowerTap G3/Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubular Wheelset offers significant weight savings over its clincher counterpart as well as noticeable aerodynamic advantages every pedal stroke of the way. Not only that, but the G3/404 wheelset is the fastest, stiffest, and smartest all-round PowerTap wheelset to date. From the highest climbs to the sharpest descents, this wheelset is confident in its abilities. And with the G3 PowerTap Rear Hub, you'll have the data to prove it.CycleOps completely overhauled the design of previous PowerTap models, improving aspects ranging from rigidity to functionality. An 80-gram weight reduction from the popular SL+ makes the PowerTap G3 Rear Hub the lightest power meter in the world. CycleOps improved on the rigidity of previous models by shrinking the hub profile and widening the flanges. With the distractions of weight and stealth design out of the way, CycleOps improved the functionality and accuracy of data gathering. For one, CycleOps moved the orientation of the electronics that transmit user data to the end cap of the freehub body, making it possible to remove the electronics for service without swapping out the entire wheel. This means more time in the saddle and fewer headaches. The new G3 is equipped with an ANT+ wireless transmitter that sends power, torque, speed, and virtual cadence data to CycleOps' Joule computer or any other unit that translates ANT+. Please note that the G3 is not compatible with Yellow CPUs. The G3 is capable of storing up to 15 hours of data in one-second intervals, and up to 30 hours of data in two-second intervals. The G3 design still has a 'torque tube' with eight strain gauges, yielding measurements accurate within +/- 1.5% between 40 and 130 rpm.The Firecrest is Zipp's most ambitious rim shape to date. Designed to control airflow, the 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubulars maintains a rim depth of 58.0mm and an aero width of 27.07mm. Using computational fluid dynamics, Zipp moved the center of pressure towards the steering axis to create the most stable and predictable deep-section rim on the planet. Zipp found that a wider rim offers greater vertical/lateral compliance for increased control, comfort, and rigidity. For the strength and rigidity, the Firecrest 404 utilizes uni-directional fibers to handle the tensile and comprehensive loading within the rim, and woven fibers in the spoke-hole areas. A woven silica-ceramic fabric and a woven carbon fabric encapsulate the braking and tire-mounting surfaces. The combination of fiber patterns creates the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio in Zipp production.A number of Zipp technologies went into making the 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubular the most versatile wheel in the Zipp arsenal. First, the Multi-Material Co-Molding process permanently fuses a sub-200-gram aluminum hoop to a dimpled carbon structure that acts as a leaf spring for road vibration and impact. Spokes laced

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