DT Swiss RR1850 wheelsets - clincher

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Product Description

The stiffest wheel in the DT Swiss lineup! Ideal for big, powerful finish line sprints. Handbuilt by DT Swiss SBWT (Sram Boost Welding Technology) rims, DT Swiss aero double-butted spokes, and ProLock hex nipples Includes...

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DT Swiss RR1450 or RR1850's...which one?

I'm trying to decide between these two wheel sets RR1450s or RR1850s. I need to replace my current wheels due to failure and these are on sale at a shop nearby. I will primarily use them on weekend rides and the occasional road race. Any thoughts.....Looking for something that will last a long time ... Read More »

Opinion needed: DT RR1850 or H2/XR-300/CX_Rays

So now that I have increased my budget for the wheels I need some more help. What would you guys pick, DT Swiss 1850 or WI H2 laced to XR-300 with CX-Rays done by Ron Ruff? I have a birthday coming up, so I need to figure out which wheelset to go with and why. Thanks in advance.Read More »

DT Swiss RR1850 vs. upgraded ROL RACE SL?

Which is better..with the upgraded ROL Race SL (DT SWISS HUBS for $589 + $150) they seem to be pretty much the same as the RR1850 ($800). Any thoughts?Read More »

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