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Easton EC 90 SLX Carbon Road Wheelset is incredibly light at 1175 grams. The EC90 SLX is the ultimate carbon climbing wheel. However, it is easily stiff and strong enough for the sprinters. Easton?s new 24.9 mm carbon tubular rims are laced to the already

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Durability & Strength: Easton EC90 SLX Carbon (tubular) Vs Fulcrum Racing Zero 2010

Quick Poll Please Fella’s… E or F? Wheelset Choice: Easton EC90 SLX Carbon (tubular) Vs Fulcrum Racing Zero 2010 (2 way) My priority is strong enough for my weight (E’s and F’s claim to carry my load)… followed by build quality (Easton’s might have the edge) but I am most interested in peopl ... Read More »

2008 Easton EC90 SLX Carbon Tubular Wheelset

Hey Everyone, I just picked up 6 sets of Easton EC90 SLX Carbon Tubular Wheelsets for a great price on closeout all with Shimano/SRAM freehubs. Easton doesn't specify a weight limit though.... I wanted to sell 5 sets and keep one for myself but I am 6'1" 215lb. Crit racer. These would go on my trai ... Read More »

Which would you choose - Easton EC90 SLX or Bontrager Carbon Race XXX or ?

I'm looking for a set of nice light tubulars - these two seem to be around the same price on fleabay. I'm 190lbs - ride mostly on hilly roads around SF where the roads aren't that great, so that plus my fat azz make me worried about durability. Reviews for the bontrager seem to be pretty good ... Read More »

2007 Easton EC90 SLX Equipe Carbon Fiber Handlebar

only $99 at competitivecyclist. Unfortunately only 40 or 46cm are available.Read More »

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