Easton Vista SL wheelsets - clincher

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MSRP : $319.00

Product Description

  • Precision-sealed cartridge bearings
  • Steel-body internal ratchet mechanism
  • Nickle-plated brass front and rear nipples
  • 1697 grams weight

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Vista SL became the EA??

The specs for the cross bike I'm considering say it comes with the Easton Vista SL. Easton no longer uses this name. Anyone know which 09 wheel replaced the Vista SL?Read More »

Easton Vista SL Clinchers vs. Neuvation M28 Aero 3

I'm looking for new wheels, so which is the better of the two? Unreal has the Vista for about the same price of the Aero3, and the Vista is lighter with more sidewall. What do you all think? [URL="http://rd.unrealcycles.com/catalog/item318.htm"]Easton Vista SL Wheelset[/URL] [URL="http://www.neuva ... Read More »

Easton Vista SL wheel set feedback

FYI - I just got these wheels a couple of weeks ago on E-bay. Not the lightest things on earth ( 1690 grams ) but a very nice solid upgrade from my stock ALEX wheel-set. Very smooth hubs, 30mm aero rim, DB stainless spokes. 20 spoke front, 24 rear. Nice upgrade without breaking the bank. Paid 239.00 ... Read More »

Easton Vista -SL wheel feedback

Anyone familar with these? I just purchased a set after doing some research and they sound like a nice upgrade from my stock ALX 290's. They are not high end but are 30mm deep aero's. 20 spoke front 24 spoke rear. 1697 grams. Any feedback appreciated, Thanks!Read More »

Fulcrum Racing 7 vs Easton Vista SL

I'm looking for a set of back up wheels and my budget is fairly small. Does anyone have an opinion as to which would be the most bang for the buck? The Eastons are about 150 grams lighter, but is the Fulcrum quality better since they are made by Campy? I can get either set for around $225 shipped ... Read More »

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