Mavic Ksyrium SR wheelsets - tubular

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Mavic 2012 Ksyrium SR Tubular Front Wheel The Ksyrium SR Tubular Road Wheel combined wiith the best of Tracomp for multiperformance use. Rely on Tracomp technology for an instant energy transfer and on Zicral spokes for more versatility. This outstanding combination will boost your performance. Mavic 2012 Ksyrium SR Tubular Front Wheel Features: Highly Responsive Less inertia for the same stiffness: ISM machining Improved aerodynamics: bladed spokes on your front wheel Light and stiff rims: ISM machining Light components: carbon tubular spokes, Zicral spokes, Maxtal rims Rely on the proven Mavic quality Rim resistance: Maxtal, Sup, Fore Drilling High quality adjustable cartridge bearings: QRM Weight: 645 grams Mavic 2012 Ksyrium SR Tubular Front Wheel Technologies: Tracomp: Traction Compression. Tracomp carbon fiber spokes works in traction and compression: - under normal loads, wheel deflection is limited by the very high traction resistance of carbon fibers. - under greater loa

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Mavic Ksyrium SR wheel bent

I got a Ksyrium SR that was bent in an accident. 5 of the carbon fibre spokes broke. I replaced those spokes and was trying to true the wheel. However, it cannot be trued for some reason. I removed all the spokes and realized the rim was bent. I tried to bent it back by putting a stick underneath th ... Read More »

Mavic Ksyrium SR Tubular

Does anybody race on these? Any comments?Read More »

Mavic Ksyrium SR Tubular Wheelset - 637$ shipped

[url=] Mavic Ksyrium SR Tubular Wheelset: Sports & Outdoors[/url] Is this a good deal?Read More »

mavic ksyrium sr?

I have recently purchased a trek madone 4.5 & i want to upgrade my wheels.Ideally I would like a set of cabon clinchers but have been advised by my local bike dealership that mavic ksyrium sr would suit my needs better due to poor road condition in my area. Doe anyone have or recommend these wheels ... Read More »

Mavic Ksyrium SR Wheelset

More of a MTBer, but plan to get a new road bike. Have the chance to buy a new set @ the LBS for a crazy good price. Any advice on this wheelset? Spokes strong for 180 lb 100-200 miles per week? At what pricepoint would you say I am nuts for not making the purchase? They would most likely go on ... Read More »

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