Mavic Open Pro wheelsets - clincher

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Shimano Ultegra 6700 hubs built on 32H Mavic Open Pro Rims using 14/15 gauge DB spokes with...

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Mavic Open Pro rear wheel with Shimano Ultegra 6800 hub

I am looking for a decent rear wheel for my bike. I currently have a Fulcrum 5 series on it and I keep throwing it out of tru. I am 6'0" and 230 pounds. I was looking at this rim as it is 32 spoke and it should hold up better than the 20 spoke one I have now I would think. I know that this (Mav ... Read More » - open pro chris king r45 $600

$600 for a R45 chris king/open pro wheelset. Is that a good deal? Also, is texascyclesport a legit site/has good reviews? Are 11-spd R45 hub compatible with 10 speed drivetrain? I don't see myself going to 11 speed in the near future. Thanks!Read More »

Belgium vs. Open Pro SUP

Hey Bike People! I'm having a set of HED Belgiums built up (already got the front, ordering the rear now) and love them. I also have a set of Mavic Open Pro SUP UB Control rims from '02 that are brand new. I'm either going to sell those or build them up. I am asking the collective consciousness ... Read More »

Wider replacement for Open Pro rim?

Is there a wider version of the Mavic Open Pro rim? I want to use the same hub/spokes but replace the rim with something slightly wider.Read More »

Mavic Open Pro Dura Ace Hubs?

Is it me, or are these the best riding wheels you can buy? I've tried factory wheels (Dura Ace and Ksyrium Elites) and I keep coming back to these.Read More »

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