Orbit Design Proton wheelsets - tubular

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Weight:1285g per set Front 18 spokes & Rear 24 spokes Extra light 50mm carbon fiber rim Professional multi-funtional wheel

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Proton Wheel Issue...

As you can see from my signature below, I've been running a set of Campagnolo Protons from when I originally spec'ed it in 2005. The wheels are still doing VERY well. However... The way the BreakAway packs into its case, the rear wheel goes in first, drive side down. The front wheel goes in next w ... Read More »

Campagnola Proton wheels

I just bought a Colnago master with protons wheels. Does anybody have any info on these wheels? Where do thay fall as far quality and weight.Read More »

Campy Proton Question

How many miles you can get out of a set of Protons? The hubs have been serviced twice since 2004 and they're fine. My concern is spoke and rim fatigue. I weight 164 pounds and ride mostly good roads. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Campagnolo Proton wheels any opinions?

I have a pair and probably have put on like 2000 miles on them and they'll still very true. Anyone else here used them and how did you like them?Read More »

Proton Wheels

Can anyone tell me the advertised weight of campy proton wheels? Just weighted them against my easton circuits and they were alot heaver but they roll great. booglebugRead More »

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