Origin 8 Fixie wheelsets - clincher

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MSRP : $250.00

Product Description

  • High Flange Hub
  • Fixed gear rear hub
  • 3-cross spoke lacing

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first fixie, need help

hi everybody, im just looking to buy my first fixie, i want something relatively inexpensive and will last me a long time, any ideas? i was looking at this bike [url=http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/motobecane/track.htm]Motobecane Singlespeed Bikes - 2012 Track Bicycles by Motobecane USA up to 6 ... Read More »

New fixie suggestions???

I've had a Soma Rush for 4 or 5 years that I love but it is built up heavy for urban/ commuting/ gravel road duties with 32mm touring tires on velocity deep V's, cyclocross handlebars, brooks saddle etc. I like to get it out for the odd roadie bunch ride as well. This is super hard work the way it i ... Read More »

Best fixie/single speed under $350

Hey guys i was just wondering what do you guys think is the best single speed/fixie bike i can get under $350. I am looking for something thats not as heavy as lets say a critical cycle bike.Read More »

Putting a noseless saddle on my fixie and you can't stop me.

Well, I haven't done it YET, but getting to it in the next week or so. Got the Hobson Easyseat. The bike is my beloved and faded Schwinn Continental, converted to fixed gear, with original suicide lever for front brake and 1/2" spd pedals. Had to build those. Was just wondering if anyone here ... Read More »

Old Peugeot Marseille I just bought. Convert to fixie or not?

I just got this old black Peugeot off Craigslist. I was looking for an old bike to convert to a fixie or single speed for commuting in Chicago. Then I saw this and it's near perfect shape. The frame and fork have almost no scratches on them. All parts are original and it hasn't been used in over 10 ... Read More »

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