Reynolds 90 Aero wheelsets - clincher

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Reynolds 90 Aero(0x9840a198)

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$90 "Aero" tubes

This has got to be one of the dumbest cycling related products I have come across: [url=]Presta-2 - Home[/url] I guess the idea isn't so outrageous, but I can't figure out how he or she has decided to charge around [B]$90 per tube[/B]. That's going to get a bit exp ... Read More »

Tell me more about Campagnolo Aero wheels from the late 90's

e.g. the Campagnolo Shamal/Zonda/Vento/Scirocco. [img][/img] I'd really like to use these wheels to finish my retro-modern 83 Bianchi/Centaur 10 build. Aside from the initial (high) cost of these wheels, it appears that I'd ... Read More »

Easton EC 90 Aero Tubular Wheels

Hey guys I just posted this ad in the classifieds and the only reason I am posting it here is because I would like to deal locally. I live in the east bay area, so check them out! Take care and Happy Holidays. [url][/url]Read More »

Easton EC 90 Aero Tubular

Hi, I just got a pair of the EC 90 Aero's for cross and noticed that the freehub indicated that it will only accept a Shimano Durace 10spd cassette. I tried unsuccessfully to install an Ultegra 10spd cassette. I also noticed that the thin spacer (non Mavic) does not fit on the freehub itself. Am ... Read More »

easton ec 90 aero wheels

I have a set of easton ec 90 aero tubular wheels hanging in the garage from my tri days will they be ok to put on my cross bike with a set of Dugast Rhino's? I'm a portly 190 lb now Sorry if this is a crazy question but i know some of you ride carbon wheels and it's a shame not to use them, just ... Read More »

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