Reynolds Assault wheelsets - tubular

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Reynolds Assault T Tubular Wheelset(0x983d3250)

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The Assault Weapon Myth - For my Liberal Friends Here

From the bastion of objectivity, no wait, not FOX news, it's THE NEW YORK TIMES [URL=""][/URL] [QUOTE] OVER the past two decades, t ... Read More »

Latest victim in the assault on food choice.

Michigan Dept of Ag forces the destruction of dairy products being delivered to herd share members. And herdshare dairies are supposedly legal in Michigan. But I guess we can't have people bypassing the corporate food cartel now, can we? [url= ... Read More »

Got some awesome news on my Reynolds Assault wheels

After having to send the wheels in and not being able to use them for almost a month I got them back. Seems the shop told Reynolds I only weighed 150lbs (I wish, in which Reynolds said had they known that they would have laced the wheels differently. So I called Reynolds, warranty m ... Read More »

Reynolds Assault SLG

Are they out in the US? Can't see any actual reviews. Modern tech and affordable. 41mm deep, 25mm wide. 1475g [ATTACH=CONFIG]289502[/ATTACH]Read More »

Cop Not Guilty Of Assault After Running Into Cyclist

We also have some problems with cops ,the guy shouldn't have done a runner from the cops but there must be a better way to stop a guy on a bike than what they did, read on...................... A police officer who allegedly drove an unmarked police car into a cyclist who was not wearing a helmet ... Read More »

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