Reynolds Forty-Six and Sixty-Six wheelsets - tubular

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Humans are funny about symmetry. To our eye, symmetry is more attractive, as if it inherently makes more sense. Whether it's faces or bikes, balance is prettier. The irony is that asymmetry often makes more sense. Our hearts are on the left. Look at the build of cyclists, thicker on the bottom. Another place where asymmetry works is in wheels. Having front and rear disc wheels might be fast in a wind tunnel, but in real life they'd be nearly impossible to control. So Reynolds is offering a "mixed depth" pair of wheels, the Forty Six/Sixty Six Carbon Tubular Wheelset.Reynolds noticed that many of their sponsored riders chose this mix for racing. The logic is that the shallower front wheel offers both weight savings and greater crosswind stability at the cost of a little less aero advantage, where the rear is all about aero, yet remains light enough for rolling courses.Reynolds invested recently in two big upgrades, and both wheels bear the changes. They kept the rim shape and the production the same, as they have confidence in both the strength and aerodynamics of their rims, but they upgraded the wheels to reduce drag and improve braking. The drag is reduced thanks to the Swirl Lip Generator, and the braking is better because of the CTg brake track. The Swirl Lip Generators are two tiny lips on either side of the narrow edge of the rim. If you didn't know better, you might think they were parting lines that weren't sanded down after the rim came out of the mold. There's no sanding forgotten, and they're hardly an accident. The SLG creates turbulence that helps the airflow reattach faster behind, ...this mixed depth wheelset offers a perfect balance of light weight and aerodynamics in one very rideable package... after passing over the rim. They also have the effect of decreasing sideways air force on the rim, and in so doing, make your bike easier to steer in crosswinds. This means it takes less concentration and less strength to pilot the bike, which means you can devote more concentration and more strength to going fast.The second big change is their new CTg brake track. C is for Cryo, Tg for glass transition temperature. As you know, heat build-up is not a good thing at the brake track. For tubulars, heat build-up can lead to softening of the glue holding the tire to the rim and melting brake pads. The new CTg tracks are the result of a new resin system and a new laminate structure. In regular riding conditions, it means the brake tracks operate up to 100 degrees cooler than the old surfaces. In other words, braking will be better, more consistent, and you'll have little to fear from braking hard on long descents.The rest of the wheel is equally high-performance. The rims are drilled for internal spoke nipples. As the hidden aluminum nipples present less of an obstacle for the wind and the rim has smaller holes in it, it's both faster and stronger. The spokes are DT's bladed Aerolite, both front and rear. They're laced with 20 radial

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