Ritchey WCS Carbon wheelsets - clincher

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Product Description

  • Brass 2.0 Nipples
  • Bladed 2.0 Spokes
  • Carbon/Alloy Rims
  • WCS Zero Hubs

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WCS Carbon Monocurve mini-review

I just installed a WCS Carbon Monocuve integrated stem-handlebar on my every day bike. The Monocurve is replacing a Ritchey WCS C260 stem and WCS Logic II handlebar. I like the look of the Monocurve over other manufacturers stem-bar combos. The Monocurve is more elegant, and looks more traditio ... Read More »

Ritchey WCS Apex 50mm Carbon Tubulars

Does anyone here use these wheels? Is there any good reason why I should NOT buy them? I know that hand built wheels would be better and I am considering some of those, as well. However, I am looking at a used set for a pretty good price that is much lower than I can get anything new. I will ... Read More »

ritchey WCS carbon vs. AL seatpost

I know it's been debated endlessly but ... I just ordered a new carbon frame and need to get a seatpost for it. I will either get a Ritchey WCS carbon or AL seatpost. I have 2 Al WCS posts and have been satisfied. Are there any drawbacks to the carbon other than price? It will be a 31.6 and my we ... Read More »

Seatpost: Syntace P6 carbon or Ritchey wcs alu

Hi. Last component for my new marathon bike (c'dale six). Should i choose the Syntace P6 (2009/2010 model, 148 euro discount > 75 euro) full carbon shaft 200/220 gr. or should i go for the Ritchey wcs one bolt (2012, 55 euro) alu. My six has carbon seatstays and the rest of the frame is alu ... Read More »

Ritchey WCS carbon Evo equivalent

I didn't know there's a Ritchey specific forum, posted this in the components forum also. I like the Ritchey Logic WCS-Carbon Evo handlebar geometry, but not the price and the fact the material is carbon. Cany anyone point out the equivalent in the Ritchey lineup but made of alloy? Their website ... Read More »

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