ROL Wheels C50 wheelsets - tubular

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Our versatile C50 tubular wheelset offers world-class performance in a lightweight, stiff, and aerodynamic package making it a clear choice for the mountains and flatlands. We lace up the carbon rim to our own top notch ROL hubs for maximum reliability, using black Sapim CX-Ray spokes and alloy nipples.

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C35 or C50 (9000) work for 200lb guy?

Is there anyone in the 200lb give or take 10 lbs range using newer C35 or C50?? I gotta think the 16/21 spokes are little light for guy my size. My LBS says he has a number of guys bigger than me racing on them and cranking out lots of wattage and no issues....? I am not going to ever race on them a ... Read More »

My 9000 C50 Shimanos :)

First off.....I've been noodling over these wheels for months and I finally pulled the trigger!!!!! :7::7: I literally just installed them today so I will update everyone with a proper ride-report after a week or so. I did however get to ride 7 miles around my hood just to spin these puppies and ... Read More »

wheel cutouts.....Shimano C24, C35 & C50 wheels

so given the wheel section below, it seems that the spokes on the C24 and C35s are definitely connected to the aluminum rim itself. As for the C50 - is the spoke connected to the carbon portion of it? IF you look closely, the C50 only has aluminum at the bottom portion. Wasn't sure if the spoke w ... Read More »

Which Shimano wheel set? - c35/c50

I recently got a domane 5.2 and after 2 rides......well, I know I'm going to change the wheelset. So.....I've decided on either the Dura ace 9000 C35 or C50. The big question - is the difference in climbing w/ the C35 going to be that drastic over the C50? I do about 70% flats and 30% hills. I live ... Read More »

C50 sizing

Maybe I'm a bit slow but I have never figured out what size my C50 frame actually is. I have looked at some c50 sizing charts and have yet to see one that reads 53CM=this...54CM=this and so on. My bike has a top tube length of 53CM from center of steerer to center of seat post, also has a length ... Read More »

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