Shimano 105 wheelsets - clincher

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Shimano 105 Clincher Wheelset: 105 series road wheels integrate the best technology of the race-proven DURA-ACE series wheels but at a more economical price point. First 105 series wheel set. Polished and anodized rims...

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Shimano 105 brakes

I'd like to know if the Shimano 105 5800 series brakes are compatible with the 5700 series levers. I'm guessing they are.Read More »

Shimano 105 5700 Double 10sp Chainset?

Where are the good deals on Shimano 105 5700 Double 10speed Chainset (cranks/crankset) silver color 52/39 with 175mm length? Several good deals on these but they're all wrong color, gearing, etc.Read More »

10 Speed 105 shifters with 11 speed ultegra hub?

I recently replaced my RH-500 wheels with some ultegra 6800s -- very nice. I put my 10 speed cassette on the 11 speed ultegra hub with the spacer provided for use with a 10 speed cassette. Question is, when I eventually replace the cassette (almost there), if I put on an 11 speed cassette, will my ... Read More »

2013 Hi Mod Dura Ace to replace 105 Synapse

Just grabbed the above bike to replace the same year Synapse 105 that I bought at the start of last season. Since the Synapse, I am down from about 190 lbs to 155 and just found it way to flexy (maybe in my head). I was always dropping chains on the outside of the big ring and breaking spokes during ... Read More »

New owner Synapse 6 105

Hello to the forum, I just purchased a brand new 2014 Synapse 6 105. I would like to have ideas for new wheels, tires and crank set. It does not has the 105 brakes, are they significantly better than the tiagras? Any suggestions are welcome for upgrades.Read More »

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