unknown Flashpoint 60 wheelsets - clincher

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I have a set of Flashpoint 60 clincher wheels. They're pretty aerodynamic. especially noticeable on the flats and into a head wind
Downside is the weight , 1800g for the set

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FlashPoint 60's spoke tool - which one?

Anyone know which spoke tool I need for FP60's - internal nipples? Bought a set used a few months ago and just noticed a few twisted spokes I want to fix. Went to one of my LBS and they didn't sell nor have anything in the shop that fit. So, instead of driving to the 4 other LBS in my area I figu ... Read More »

Flashpoint 60 Stories?

Zipp decided to offer my club a sponsorship deal, and they're letting us buy 2008 wheels at some pretty good prices. I'm thinking about the Flashpoint 60, which I can get for about half price. Does anyone here ride them? What have your experiences been? I would use these as my race wheels on my ... Read More »

Thoughts on Flashpoint 60 or Neuvation

Looking for an aero clincher for my front wheel (I race with a PowerTap in the rear). Wanted to see if anyone had experience (good or bad) with the Flashpoint 60s or the Neuvation C48cRead More »

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