Velocity Dyad wheelsets - clincher

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  • 32 spoke 3 cross front and rear Road
  • 40 spoke 3 cross Front and Rear Tandem

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Velocity Dyad drillings

Been searching for a while now but cannot seem to find a definite anwser, so if anyone knows ... Are the spoke holes drilled with an alternating angle every other whole or are they center-drilled ? Thank you.Read More »

Velocity Dyad?

Has anyone built up these rims? They're similar in profile to the A23 or the Aerohead, but they're 24 mm wide. Not to start a tubular vs. clincher debate or anything, but I'm wondering if that extra mm or two would mean much lower pressure without pinching...Read More »

Inner width of Dyad and Fusion

Hello, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone knows the actual internal width of Velocity Fusion and Dyad Rims. I'm trying to decide the tire range of each. Thanks PS-I tried a search and got no results.Read More »

Velocity Dyad 650C?

I'm investigating part selections to build up an old steel MTB frame for its third incarnation as a commuter bike. From my research it appears that 650C wheels are a good choice for MTB bikes and that the Velocity Dyad is a great rim. However I'm a little unsure if one can get a Dyad in 650C. The ... Read More »

Velocity Dyad-any experience

I am looking at using Velocity Dyad rims on a turing bike. Velocity sells them with their own hubs- anyone have experience/comments on these wheels, hubs or rims?Read More »

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