Vuelta Corsa Race wheelsets - clincher

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MSRP : $600.00

Product Description

  • 22mm medium-V rims
  • Triple-butted aero 2.2mm SS spokes

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Aksium Race to Vuelta Corsa Lite-- Upgrade?

My stock wheels are Mavic Aksium Race (2011) and I am considering the Vuelta Corsa Lite from Nashbar. The Aksium's have been problem free and reliable. Anyone make a similar switch who can comment whether this is a worthwhile move? Mostly ride rolling hills.Read More »

Opinions - Vuelta Corsa lite vs Blackset Race

Hey everyone. Looking to upgrade my wheels from the Shimano RS10s that I have on my SS105 These will be for everyday training and enthusiast riding. Paved trails with occasional rough surfaces - wooden bridges, potholes every now and then, some old trolley rail type tracks on one of my route ... Read More »

Race day tires - Veloflex corsa or Michelin pr3

xposted from general cycling. I have a hilly race coming up soon on roads I have never ridden before. The Michelin tires are brand new and 23c wide and the Veloflex Corsa tires have 500 miles or maybe a little more and 20c wide. The rear Michelin tires weighs 220 and the Veloflex weighs 190. I don ... Read More »

Race day tires -veloflex corsa vs michelin pr3

The title says it all. I'm racing a 32 mile hilly course soon and I would like the fastest tire. I have never ridden on these roads, but I would like to assume they're smooth. The Michelin Pro Race 3's are brand new 23c wide and the Veloflex corsa are 20c wide. My Michelin tires came in at 220g ... Read More »

Michelin Pro3 Race vs Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

Has anyone tried both of these tires? I need to get a new set of tires and would really love to try both. But I can't have both. I just need to pick one. I don't care how much they cost. I just want to know which one is more comfortable, and faster. Puncture resistance may not be that important to m ... Read More »

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