Zipp Speed Weaponry 303 wheelsets - tubular

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The qualities that make the Zipp 303 ideal for road races like Paris-Roubaix also make it the ultimate tubular cyclocross wheelset, as selected by riders like Tim Johnson, Todd Wells, Katie Compton, and Jeremy Powers. Zipps 45mm deep, 27.5m...

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Zipp Firecrest 303's

I came across a set of brand new Zipp Firecrest 303 clinchers on craigslist for $1,000. Looking on eBay, it seems like I could sell them for a profit but I just wanted to get some opinions from the wheel forum before I make any major financial mistakes. Is there anything that makes these wheels un ... Read More »

Zipp 202 or 303 FC for NYC and surrounding areas

I'm deciding between the Zipp 202 and 303 as my do-it-all-one-and-only wheelset. I'm currently running a pair of EC90 SLs, but the front gets a bit twitchy in x-winds. NYC isn't particularly hilly, but I do venture up to Bear Mountain occasionally. For riding in/around NYC, would the 202 or 303 b ... Read More »

Zipp FC 303 hub problems

I've had Zipp FC 303 clinchers for a year now, and "dialing in" the hubs is a constant annoyance. I have even thought about swapping the hubs out for something else... When the rear hub is loose enough so that the cassette wont spin when coasting, the wheel has what feels like too much play. Tighten ... Read More »

R3 + Zipp 303's -- tire recommendation?

Wondering if anyone has experience with this combo? Looking for the widest tire I can reasonably run. Currently running Conti Gatorskin 25's on RS80's with no problem. (And will keep this combo for my favorite local hilly/unpaved routes). Just picked up a pair of 303's for longer, flatter, straight ... Read More »

Speed wobble with Zipp 303/tangente tire.. causes??

Hey all, I've been riding on some a Zipp 303 tubular (front) for the last year or so, and recently at speeds above ~25mph , the wheel starts to wobble around a bit. Granted I don't hold speeds like that for long, but on long descents or during a sprint it just feels incredibly unstable. So my questi ... Read More »

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