Zipp Speed Weaponry 404 Cyclocross wheelsets - tubular

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Product Description

Zipp 404 Cyclocross Tubular Wheel is proven on the US and European circuits by Danish champion Joachim Parbo, the 404 Cyclocross wheelset is up to the challenges of modern ?cross. The 404 features impact-resistant Carbon Bridge and vibration-damping VCLC

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Zipp 404 Clydesdale and Cyclocross exactly the same?

Are '08 or '09 Zipp 404 Clydesdale tubular wheels the exactly the same as 404 Cyclocross tubular wheels? The according to their website the specs and weight are exactly the same. Is the only difference the label? The reason I am asking is that I have seen the Cyclocross version on sale and I ne ... Read More »

FOR SALE: Zipp 404 Cyclocross Disc

[url][/url] Sorry for the SPAM, but I thought someone here might be interested. Please n ... Read More »

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