Zipp Speed Weaponry 808 Carbon wheelsets - tubular

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Product Description

Zipp's 808 Carbon Tubular Wheels are uniquely, remarkably fast. Tour Magazine of Germany tested the previous version 808 wheels and found them to be the fastest non-disc wheels available on the planet -- even faster than some discs from zero to 13-degrees of yaw. Zipp's latest generation 808 Carbon Tubulars employ their Firecrest rim shaping, and believe it or not, these are even faster.Where other wheels use more traditional 'V' shaped rims, which not coincidentally Zipp abandoned years ago, the Firecrest design on the 808 wheels is wider and more oval in cross section. They have been tuned to deliver maximum performance without sacrificing rideability. The Firecrest shape is optimized to push the center of pressure towards the hub. This means that crosswinds will affect these wheels less than other designs of similar depth. You can ride with greater confidence without experiencing as much nervousness from the front wheel as gusts blow across the race course. Along with Zipp's dimpling, this new tuned shape provides massive aerodynamic advantages in comparison to what you might consider as

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