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my 1upUSA hitch rack just arrived

[img]http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/thisistan/bike/7B17D049-D85B-4C28-AABF-511DA5000A9F-1509-000001C8500C04CE.jpg[/img] Install is far more simplier than my old Yakima Holdup Rack... now I gotta do the road bike test.... (where the Strong-Arm of the Holdup doesn't quite grip road sli ... Read More »

1UpUSA trainer : Am I one of a kind?

Hello folks, First of all, this thread is in no way to complain about the trainer or the company. I'm having problems with the product and it seems it simply is not suited for me. So, as mentionned, I have a 1UpUSA CPR A-2000 that has been giving me problems. Basically, I burn through friction ... Read More »

Kurt Kinetic or 1UPusa Trainer?

I've narrowed my search down to one of these trainers and am leaning towards the Kurt Kinetic. One feature I like about the Kurt model is the ability to change flywheels out for 6, 12, or 18#. Anyone care to compare?Read More »

Blackburn Trakstand Ultra made by 1upusa?

I was just on Blackburn's site and noticed the Trakstand Ultra. It looks like the 1upusa trainer, and the copy sounds similar (Centriforce vs. Centrifigual Pressure Resistance). Are they manufactured by the same people? On a sidenote, the AirFix multitool/co2 pump looks pretty cool, also.Read More »

Win a 1upUSA Bike Rack!

Hey Gang, we've got a new contest from 1upUSA running now. Enter to win a FREE 1upUSA Ultra-Rack Bike Carrier! Contest is here: [url]http://www.roadbikereview.com/1upusarackcontestcrx.aspx[/url] The winner of the last 1upUSA contest (the trainer) was: Tim Jones from Bend, Oregon! Co ... Read More »


1upUSA Product Categories

Bike Rack

Aluminum Quik-Rack Bicycle Roof Tray 0
0   Reviews
$ 189.00
Aluminum Quik-Rack Hitch Carrier 5
5   Reviews
$ 299.00


CPR A-2000 All-Aluminum Trainer 4.68
136   Reviews
$ 299.00




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