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Daily coverage from the 2014 Sea Otter Classic Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of RoadBikeReview's daily coverage of the 2014 Sea Otter Classic. We’ll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest in road bike technology.    Read More »

New Chain Spy 2 and Battery Mount from Problem Solvers

Want to make sure your race doesn’t end with your chain off the bike while you frantically try to spin it back in place and watch racers roll past you? Enter the Chain Spy 2.   Read More »

First Look: Boardman Bikes CXR 9.0, 9.2, 9.4 cyclocross bikes

Boardman Bikes is now entering the States, and is bringing three of its Elite series cyclocross bikes over in the from of the aluminum 9.0, and the carbon 9.2 and 9.4 bikes.   Read More »

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2013 trek madone 5.2 vs 2012 cervelo s5

I'm torn between these two bikes. I love to ride in groups and events but have also competed in my first 70.3 triathlon this summer. After much thought I decided to upgrade to a new road bike rather then go TT. While the frame of the cervelo impresses me I'm not sure that the SRAM rival is as great ... Read More »

Trek Madone 5.2

Does anyone have experience on Trek Madone 5.2 compare with Cervelo R3?Read More »

5-2 diet

I am intrigued by this and wanted to give it its own thread, as there was a long story on NPR this AM. [url=http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/07/29/205845319/two-day-diets-how-mini-fasts-can-help-maximize-weight-loss]Two-Day Diets: How Mini Fasts Can Help Maximize Weight Loss : The Salt : NPR ... Read More »

Red 2

Meh. They played it safe with this movie (possible franchise, I guess). I actually liked the 1st one better. Besides, it creeps me out that Bruce Willis is in a relationship with Mary-Louise Parker. They look and act like father and daughter. Nothing to see. Move along.Read More »

DB Podium 2 vs. Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

All - This is my first post, so hello all! I decided to get into cycling 2 months ago and decided to start w/ a very cheap bike to start. I purchased the Giordano road bike for ~$350 [url=http://www.amazon.com/Giordano-Libero-White-Mens-Bike-700c/dp/B004Q3N0GI]Amazon.com: Giordano Libero 1.6 Whit ... Read More »

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