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Any MS Access experts in the house?

I am doing an application security assessment on the programs we use at my place of employment. I am interviewing analysts of these programs and asking them a series of 54 questions(fields). Each question is scored based on the response. I would like to be able to tally the score for each program ... Read More »

Campy 11 Brifter Securing Band Bolt Access

I'm wrestling with the Chorus 11 brifter hoods. Getting access to the securing band bolt is tough. Campy 8 hoods are much easier (from the front and from the back), but that's also because they're old (and the front of the hoods are easy to pull away). I'd prefer to come from the front, bu ... Read More »

MEDIA ACCESS: Grumbling About Access to Obama

The Huffington Post has an article about the White House Press Corps' complaints about access to the President. [url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/18/white-house-press-corps-obama-extreme-frustration-access_n_2710028.html]White House Press Corps: 'Extreme Frustration' With Lack Of Obama Acc ... Read More »

police want more access to your e-mails

the ITU has a meeting planned to take over the internet. the meeting is in dubai this week general betray-us wants his e-mails private [url=http://www.aclu.org/technology-and-liberty/modernizing-electronic-communications-privacy-act-ecpa]ECPA - Modernizing the Electronic Communications ... Read More »

No access from iPhone or iPad

I am having trouble getting forum access from either my iPhone or ipad? I get "database error". I can log on from my work pc. Thanks, TomRead More »





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