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Quick-Step Cycling Team to Tour de Romandie

The 2011 Tour de Romandie is the last important race before the 2011 Giro d’Italia for the Quick-Step Cycling Team. "Compared to the usual Tour de Romandie, this year's race is less engaging from the point of view of mountain heights” Sports Director Tom Steels says. “The route is nevertheless ve ...    Read More »

Five New Professional Cycling Teams Confirmed to Compete in the 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge

10 International Cycling Teams Set their Sights on America’s Most Demanding Professional Bike Race Denver – The Quiznos Pro Challenge™ today announced five new teams confirmed to compete in the inaugural 2011 competition, including Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Pro Team Leopard Trek (Luxemb ...    Read More »

Mark Cavendish Sprints to Superstardom in Boy Racer

Boulder, CO, USA - Cycling super-sprinter Mark Cavendish explains his phenomenal rise to stardom in his new book, Boy Racer: My Journey to Tour de France Record-Breaker. Cav describes with riveting detail the sprint victories that propelled him into the highest ranks of the cycling elite. His first- ...    Read More »

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Adrenaline Bikes

Has anyone shopped at Adrenaline Bikes? They seem to be on par with other online shops, but I could not find any reviews. Please let me know before I give them a bunch of hard earned money!!! Thanks!Read More »

A new possibility for the REAL lawnje adrenaline junkies...

I'm not crazy enough to try it, but daaammmmm......... the video's nice quality -- full screen is pretty scary schitt...... Base jumping with a TWIST. A scary-@ss twist.Read More »

Origin 8 Adrenaline frame?

I have seen these made in Taiwan full carbon frames for sale at good prices on the net.Has anyone used a Origin 8 frame or have any feedback on them?Any clue as to which factory in Taiwan makes them?Thanks for any replies-Jordan.Read More »

Anyone wearing a Gill Adrenaline Jacket?

I was in my local PB shop looking for a cool/cold weather jacket and found a Gill Adrenaline on the rack, which I bought. I liked it a lot because it fit my frame (6'4", 170lbs., 37" sleeve). Most of the other jackets that fit my shoulders were too short in the torso. The front of a Gore was above ... Read More »

Once the adrenaline hits I am stupid. Cat 4s rant.

I knew coming into yesterdays crit I had to keep my self in the pack, out of the wind. I didnt recover well from Saturday's strenuous ride but I thought I could handled the race. This was my first time racing on this particular course. About half way into the race, I felt ok and some how I found my ... Read More »

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