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Cane Creek Introduces the All-New Aheadset System

The all-new Aheadset® is more than a collection of individual headset models, it's a complete system that will revolutionize the way bicycle headsets are serviced. The all-new Aheadset® system intelligently maximizes parts interchangeability while at the same time minimizing the number of unique par ...    Read More »

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Best headset to upgrade from Aheadset to use carbon fork made for integral bearings?

How to convert traditional ball bearing race, Aheadset headset to use carbon fork (made for integrated headsets). I have a Fuji Newest with one of the heaviest 1-1/8" front forks ever manufactured, so I bought a used Look 566 1-1/8" front fork. What is the best replacement headset that I should bu ... Read More »

Aheadset..install & adjust?

I've got this"02" litespeed w/integrated headtube,it came to me from the original owner with what appears to be a cane creek 1-1/8" integrated aheadset.I took it out when building up the rest of the bike and cleaned the bearing with just a wipe down to get of the past dirt. I installed it back in t ... Read More »

Chris King Aheadset and Carbon Steerer Problem

I have never encountered this before, and did a quick search of the forums and did not find anything. Problem: When trying to tighten/compress a King aheadset on a carbon steerer fork, I have to over-tighten it to eliminate play. Steerer ends a 1/4" before the top of the stem, so the top cap i ... Read More »

Felt F4 2010 aheadset bearing gap in new bike

Hello, If someone from Felt Bicycles is reading this please respond. I bought new 2010 Felt F4 and the aheadsed bearing has clap. I have taken the stem off several times and tightened the screw on the top very gently and then tightening the screws on the side of the stem thoroughly. The bearing ... Read More »

cane creek Aheadset question

I got my wife's new-used redline in the mail today, and i was generally cleaning etc while waiting for the rest of the parts to come in. It has a cane creek aheadset headset on it, with what looks like steel BB'S in a metal 'cage' for the best description. anyhow, they were definately dried out, ... Read More »

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