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matte airborne zepplin?

i thought all the airborne frames were polished. does this look fishy to you? I'm thinking about buying this but question the finish [IMG]http://images.craigslist.org/3E23Lf3l85L85I45K9cagfd46fbf4348212c5.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Airborne Delta, junk or no at $750

Looking for a winter/gravel riding bike. I came across this Airborne bike for a decent price. I actually only want to spend around $500, but this seems worth it for the apex group? [url=http://www.airbornebicycles.com/products/99-delta.aspx]Airborne Bicycles. Delta[/url]Read More »

Phantom Cross Pro vs. Airborne Delta (Thoughts?)

I'm having a difficult time deciding between a Moto Phantom Cross Pro or an Airborne Delta. The Phantom has better components (Rival) but the Delta has a much better frame (BB30, 135 rear hub). I'm interested to see everyone's take on this. Are there any other bikes in the < $1300 I should be loo ... Read More »

Airborne Zeppelin

Anyone still riding one of these frames ? If so, what are your experiences with it to this point ? How old is frame ? ThanksRead More »

Looking for an Airborne Thunderbolt frame....

58cm. The one I have has developed some rather disturbing cracks where the seat stays are welded to the seat tube. The frame is stiff and somewhat harsh, but I love the ride. If anyone knows of anything I'd be grateful!Read More »


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