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Pro Bike: Newly-minted singlespeed national champion Tim Allen’s Foundry Harrow

Foundry bikes have a winning history, from Mackenzie Woodring’s win at the Barry Roubaix gravel race last year to Tim Allen’s singlespeed that rode him to victory at Nationals this year.   Read More »

Team Type 1 Names Allen Salikof New President

Atlanta, GA – Team Type 1, a global sports organization dedicated to radically changing the lives of people around the world with diabetes, appointed Allen Salikof to the position of President, effective immediately. Mr. Salikof, previously President & CEO of Management Recruiters International, In ...    Read More »

Lexco Lets You Take Your Phone and Tunes with you in one Unit with the Allen Sports Award Winning Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

Norridge, Illinois - With Allen Sports New Bluetooth Stereo Headphone you can leave your MP3 player at home but still listen to music and answer phone calls while you ride. And the unit is wireless. Download your favorite tunes to your cell phone, and the wireless headset that comes with the Allen ...    Read More »

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Mike Allen's Sports Store

[url]Http://www.mikeallenssportsstore.com[/url] Stainless Steel Bottles and Mesh Backpacks!Read More »

Did Allen Lim know about LA doping? did he help?

I keep wondering who else knew, who else aided and abetted USPS in doping. Allen Lim must have been digging through all the performance data, right? He must have seen the bumps in watts/kg and been involved in conversations where "the program" was included in the discussion, right? Did Allen ... Read More »

Saw To Rome with Love--new Woody Allen movie

Actually went to see a movie in a theater (more on that in a sec) and saw the new Woody Allen movie 'To Rome with Love.' No great surprises and it shares a kind of blithe unconcern with narrative structure as the recent Paris movie, but it has a light-heartedness and outright silliness that makes ... Read More »

Stripped brake centering allen head screw

The tiny little thing on my Chorus rear brake. It also seems to have become cross-threaded in it's little hole. Any way of salvaging this?Read More »

Ray Allen to the Miami HEAT!

[url=http://espn.go.com/nba/truehoop/miamiheat/story/_/id/8137389/agent-ray-allen-leaves-boston-celtics-champion-miami-heat]Agent -- Ray Allen leaves Boston Celtics for champion Miami Heat - ESPN[/url] Oh, the haters will really be out now! Should we start the plans for next year's parade yet? L ... Read More »

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Allen Product Categories

Bike Rack

102S Premium 2-Bike Trunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 150.00
103S Premium 3-Bike Trunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 139.99
Allen 900B Tension Bar Bike Adapter 0
0   Reviews
$ 30.00
Deluxe 2-Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00
Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 109.99
Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire 0
0   Reviews
$ 146.00
Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 110.00
Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 130.00
Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 118.95
Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 200.00
Premium 3-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 159.99
Premium 4-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 220.00
Premium 4-Bike Trunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 220.00
Premium 5-Bike Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 199.99




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