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Alpha Q alternative?

Are any other brands for cantilevers stiff with minimum brake chatter?Read More »

Tips for moving the top cap insert on a alpha Q cx fork

I purchased a used appha q cx fork with the top cup insert glued in place. I need remove the insert as I have to shorten the steer tube. Any tips for removing the insert and do any members know of a source for a new insert as I would like to have a few on hand.. Thx !!Read More »

true temper alpha q cx carbon fork reliability

I just picked up a lightly used alpha cx full carbon fork. I've read a few horror stories on the net on "cracked carbon" products. Had anyone used the alpha cx and please pass on reliability details on the alpha cx fork Thx !!!Read More »

Alpha Q CX10 question

This fork has carbon legs with either an alloy or steel steerer tube. Will a standard compression plug/starnut work for this fork? i lost the OG one that came with the fork. thanks in advance.Read More »

Alpha Q Fork (not CX-20) Anyone have any experience?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this model and how different it is from the CX-20 model aside from the weight. I have an opportunity to pick up a slightly used one to replace my Redline conquest pro carbon fork with aluminum steerer. Thanks in advanceRead More »


Alpha Q Product Categories


GS10 5
3   Reviews
$ 360.00

Water Bottles/Cages

Pro Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 36.00
Prolite Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 44.00




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