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Ambrosio 19 Extra Super Elite rim width?

How wide is the 1980's Ambrosio 19 Extra Super Elite rim? Can you mount 35c cyclocross tires on these bad boys?Read More »

Rim recommendations for ambrosio hubs

After breaking yet another spoke on my current wheels - entry-level Spec Allez wheels, Alex DA-16 rims on no-name hubs - I'm after a set of decent handmade wheels. I'm looking at approaching Harry Rowland to build me a set using Ambrosio hubs, which should give an indication of the level of wheel I ... Read More »

Ambrosio Excellite Rim ERD?

I want to rebuild my rear wheel and I don't want to despoke it to measure it for the correct ERD. The DT spoke calculator and the Daemon Rinard calculator didn't have my rim's ERD in their data base and Ambrosio's web site didn't have it either. Please help. :oRead More »


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