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The Angry Singlespeeder: This 4th of July, Buy Something American Made

So you want more American made products? Then start buying more American made products.   Read More »

American Classic is the Official Wheel Sponsor of Cofidis 2012

Cofidis Pro Cycling Team has selected American Classic as their wheel sponsor for the2012 season. And with immediate results! In their first race as Wheel Sponsors, on the latest version of AC’s Carbon 38 tubular wheel set, Samuel Dumolin wins the season opening GP Marseillaise France. Th ...    Read More »

American Classic Carbon 85 Tubular Wheels

Ellen Kast of American Classic invited us to try their carbon wheels and we immediately went for the big boys - 85 mm Tubular Carbon Wheels. 85 mm is deep and is ideal for triathlon use or road use by big, powerful riders that can fight off the influence of crosswinds.  The theory with aero carbon w ...    Read More »

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The American Budget: The GOP version........

The GOP's Entire Budget Strategy Collapsed This Week, And Almost No One Noticed House Republicans' latest fiasco confirms the suspicion: The GOP loves the Paul Ryan budget in theory, but even Republicans can't get it to work in practice. That was the result of a seemingly nonchalant debate over ... Read More »

American Flyers @ Alamo Drafthouse

I watched this so many times as a kid! [url=http://drafthouse.com/movies/american-flyers/denver]AMERICAN FLYERS | Denver | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema[/url]Read More »

Anyone using American Classic tubeless valve on other wheels?

I have a couple sets of Campy 2-way fit wheels (Zonda and Shamal Ultra) on my bikes and I feel like the tubeless valves are going to need replacing eventually. One is already a little bent from some sort of impact, and another feels like the threads are going to strip after a couple more cycles of ... Read More »

Hub choices? BHS vs. WI vs. American Classic

Thinking of building a new wheelset for a current bike build i've got going on. Trying to figure out which hubs to use. So far, I've built 2 sets of wheels that i've been quite happy with, both off of BHS hubs, Wide 85's x2; SL211 and SL218. Since this bike build is a little bit fancier/flashier tha ... Read More »

Ordered this from a add in the League of American Wheelman

As stated, back in "75" I ordered this print and had it framed. Thought I would share this with all of you fellow cyclists. Any of you have any information about it?Read More »

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