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Review: Pearl Izumi Women's Transfer Lite SS Baselayer

Cutting-edge tailoring and fabric make for a baselayer that fits well, works well, and looks good. This isn’t a hand-me-down from the guys.   Read More »

First Look: Pedro's unveils new Chain Checker, Chain Pig Cleaner and Burrito Tool Wrap

Pedro’s unveiled some new cleaners and tools (and tool organizers) at Frostbike that may be perfect for the cyclocross racer’s garage and race day pit setup.   Read More »

Reynolds Cycling adds 2014 carbon tubular, tubeless and disc brake wheels for cyclocrossers

At Winter Press Camp, Reynolds Cycling showcased plenty of existing tubular, tubeless and clincher wheels that may appeal to the cyclocrosser.    Read More »

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1st ride tomorrow! - UK (ANSWER NEEDED)

[B]Got my 1st ride tomorrow ever, been getting gradually and finished today by gettin cleats and shimanuo pedals! - Its only a 5/8 mile ride[/B] What do people think of this bike for my 1st one [url=http://www.tredz.co.uk/.Raleigh-Pursuit-2012-Road-Bike_45698.htm]Buy Raleigh Pursuit 2012 - Roa ... Read More »

This ought to answer some questions

This ought to clear the air a little. Did doping stop in 2006? Is cycling clean, or cleaner? Is the biopassport working? A thoroughly depressing read: [url=http://www.cyclismas.com/2013/03/is-there-a-doctor-in-the-house/]Is there a doctor in the house? | Cyclismas | cycling satire and comme ... Read More »

Need quick answer Domaine 6.2 vs Madone 6.2 2012. time sensitive deal

Bottom line Domaine 6.2 2013 is $ 4400 Madone 6.2 2012 is $ 3400 Need to get back to LD asap 5'11 180 pounds 54 years oldRead More »

Need quick answer Madone 6.2 2012 vs Domaine 6.2 2013

Bottom line Domaine 6.2 2013 is $ 4400 Madone 6.2 2012 is $ 3400 Need to get back to LD asapRead More »

Can you answer this question about Feinstein's or anyone else's focus ?

With less than 2% of the total number of civilian owned weapons being some type of weapon that the politicians describe as an assault weapon, why is the focus on these specific weapons, as if the banning of them will result in a reduction in crime? In 2010, according to this blogger, [url=http:// ... Read More »

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