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Correct Rim Tape size for Araya VX300 rims

Hello. I'm new to this forum. I'd like to get some help on the following. I have a custom hybrid bike, with 700C wheels (Araya VX300), upon googling it seems this wheels are from the 1990's but I just got this build 2 months ago with this bike. Issue is that 3 weeks ago I started getting flats on t ... Read More »

Rim comparable to Araya 16B Gold?

I need some light tubular alimunum rims. I like the Araya 16B Gold rims I have on another set, but now they got much more expensive, over $100 each, and availability is very limited. I can find only one supplier, Ben's, in the U.S. Would like something that is tubular, polished aluminum, low prof ... Read More »

Old ARAYA catalog scans

Pretty good stuff here... [url]http://www.araya-kk.co.jp/rim/archive.htm[/url]Read More »

Need help with Araya rim tension

I've got a set of 1990s Araya wheels that I'm going to use on my winter bike. The wheel tension ranged from ~50Kg to 90Kg and was clearly too low in many areas. I brought the tension to ~95Kg front and ~100Kg drive side rear. I know that these are pretty old wheels, but I was hoping someone would ... Read More »

araya VX400 rims

I'm an average rider with a question - can anyone tell me a bit about araya VX400 rims- they are on a bike I'm looking at- with bontrager race lite tires. Are these things old or what? What material? Good or Bad? Race or Training?Read More »





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