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Help me create a rear light mount for an Arkel Randonneur rack

I have an Arkel bag and rack. I usually clip the light to the bag, but it aims downward a bit, so I'm not getting the full effect of the light. Looking to create a very solid mount for the rack: [url=http://www.arkel.ca/ca_e/arkel-randonneur-rack.html?___from_store=ca_f]Arkel Randonneur Rack - ... Read More »

Titec H handlebars and Arkel handlerbar bag

Does anyone have the measurements between the "bullhorns" of the Titec h bars? I have this handlebar bag: [url]http://www.arkel.ca/ca_e/all-categories/handlebar-bag/small-handlebar-bike-bag.html[/url] Which is mounted by these jiggers: [url]http://www.arkel.ca/ca_e/all-categories/handleb ... Read More »

Arkel T-42 & Ortlieb Backroller, pics please?

Hi, Does anyone have a picture they can post of either one of these panniers showing the opening with the bag open? I can't find a local shop that has either of these in stock and I'd like to get a better idea of how they work and open up and so forth. Mounted on a bike with the pannier open would ... Read More »

Pannier Comparision- Jannd Commuter vs Arkel Bug vs Ortlieb Bike Packer +

Commute: 5-10 miles 1-way on fairly smooth city streets Load: 15-35 pounds of college textbooks, change of clothes & stinky-smelly lunch Bike: Jamis Aurora (touring bike) or Bianchi CDI (mid-range racer) NO OFF-ROADING at all; this is just for getting me to & from school. From what I can tel ... Read More »


Arkel Product Categories

Bike Bags

Briefcase Pannier 0
0   Reviews
$ 215.00
Commuter Pannier 0
0   Reviews
$ 169.00
Handlebar Bag Large 0
0   Reviews
$ 159.00
Handlebar Bag Small 0
0   Reviews
$ 105.00
Seatbag 0
0   Reviews
$ 31.00
T28 Touring Cycling Panniers 0
0   Reviews
$ 155.00
T42 Touring Cycling Panniers 0
0   Reviews
$ 209.00
Tail Rider Trunk Bag Arkel 5
1   Reviews
$ 109.00
The Bug 0
0   Reviews
$ 179.00
Utility Basket 0
0   Reviews
$ 109.00




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